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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Nikephorian Byzantine Skutatoi

Here are some Nikephorian Byzantine Skutatoi or Kontarioi with rear ranks of archers (toxotai). The figures are by Gripping Beast with LBM shield transfers and standard (which I need to touch up!). I have a mix of GB and Crusader figures for this army but Fireforge Games are just about to release a plastic and resin Byzantine range which will be tempting.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Goths versus Late Romans - Dux Bellorum Game

Goths deployed behind their wagon laager

Late Romans deployed

Late Roman cavalry advances on the Roman right flank

Romans charge and the Goths countercharge their flank

Roman cavalry advances on their left flank

Roman infantry are reluctant to advance!

Roman cavalry are forced to retreat

Roman infantry finally advance in the centre

Last Sunday afternoon I went over to Craig's place to play a Goth versus Late Roman Dux Bellorum game. Craig had devised a small, two player scenario based on the Battle of Adrianople 378 AD and was keen to try it out. The Goth infantry were deployed behind a wagon laager and their cavalry were out foraging and would arrive on the table from turn two on a roll of six, turn three on a roll of five and so on and so forth. The Roman cavalry quickly charged the Goth infantry but were driven back. The Goth and Alan cavalry eventually arrived on the table on turn five and this was the beginning of end for the Romans.

The game was heaps of fun and quite satisfying, very much the historical result. It could easily have gone the other way, the Romans did have a lot of bad luck with their dice. Quite a few years ago, we played a much larger WAB game of Adrianople and this resulted in an unlikely Roman victory. The Goth cavalry only came on after the game was all over! I'm currently reading Simon MacDowall's new Pen and Sword book, The Goths and really enjoyed his earlier one The Vandals.

Roman cavalry on the Roman left flank closes

Roman cavalry charge the Goth warriors

Goth and Alan cavalry charge the Roman right flank

Side view of the battle

Romans struggle to contain the Goths

Goth and Alan cavalry charge the Roman left flank

Romans are teetering on the edge of disaster

Roman army routs

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Battle of Akragas 406 BC - Command and Colors Ancients

Initial deployment from the Carthaginian side

Initial deployment from the Syracusan side

Syracusan light troops advance

Carthaginians probe the Syracusan right flank

Syracusan light cavalry attack Carthaginian chariots

Last Wednesday night Rick and I met down at the Vikings Club in Lanyon for a game of Command and Colors Ancients. The scenario was the Battle of Akragas 406 BC with Syracusans versus Carthaginians. This proved to be a quick but quite close game with Syracusans, eventually emerging victorious in a five to four victory points result. Thanks to Rick for another fun game.

We are a running another participation game of Command and Colors Ancients at the Little Wars Canberra event on Sunday 12 November 2017 at the Vikings Club in Lanyon. Our game will be the Battle of Cannae 216 BC. So if you feel like being Hannibal come along and join it. Depending on the level of interest we will try and run two games, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with up to three players a side. The scenario and rules can be found on the GMT Games' Command and Colors site.

There was no Little Wars in Melbourne or Adelaide this year so please support the Canberra event. Entry is by gold coin donation with all profits going to charity. There will be a wide range of eleven participation games and quite a few traders as well. It is always a fun and entertaining day out! Updated information on the event and games will be available soon on the Little Wars website.

Carthaginians play a line command card

Syracusans attack on their right flank

Syracusans retreat in the centre and on their left flank

Carthaginians' final unit is destroyed

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Irish Mounted Fianna

Here are some Mounted Fianna for my Dark Ages Irish army for Dux Bellorum. The figures are by Gripping Beast and Crusader Miniatures with some LBM shield transfers. These will make up three units of four figures and will consist of one unit of Mounted Companions and two of Ordinary Riders.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Romano-British versus Saxons - Dux Bellorum Game

Initial deployment with Saxons in the foreground

Combat rapidly becomes chaotic and confusing

Mounted Companions and Noble Riders slog it out

Last Sunday afternoon Craig came over to my place and we played a Dux Bellorum game with Romano-British versus Saxons. We played the Dawn Attack scenario and Craig was the attacker, with 28 points of Romano-British and Saxon Allies, while I was the defender with 32 points of Saxons. After a couple of turns manoeuvring we charged into contact and this rapidly evolved into chaotic and confusing, multiple combats.

We slogged it out for several close turns and casualties mounted on both sides but were pretty much level pegging. Eventually the Romano-British, with fewer units, reached their fifty percent unit casualties and then failed their morale test and routed from the field. Thanks to Craig for a fun game. I see on Dan Mersey's blog it is the fifth birthday of the rules. I have to say they certainly have stood the test of time, they are one of my favourites sets of rules, and I can honestly say that I've really enjoyed every game of Dux Bellorum that I have played.

Saxon Ordinary Warriors have some success

Casualties mount on both sides

Romano-British fail their morale test and rout

Thursday, 17 August 2017

War of the Roses Lion Rampant Game

Lancastrian forces deployed near the bridge

View of the table with both sides deployed

Yorkist attackers

Yorkists advance towards the bridge

Lancastrian billmen and longbowmen advance

Last Wednesday night Rick and I met down at the club for a War of the Roses Lion Rampant Game. We had identical 24 point foot forces and the objective in the scenario was to secure and hold the bridge. I commanded the Yorkist forces - the attackers in the game, and Rick had the Lancastrian defenders. The Yorkist men-at-arms and serjeants advanced enthusiastically onto the bridge while their longbowmen showed little enthusiasm for movement or action of any kind.

The Lancastrian longbowmen and billmen were forced to retreat battered from combat but the Yorkists suffered heavy casualties themselves. The Lancastrian longbowmen were able to rally and then inflicted withering fire on the Yorkist men-at-arms and serjeants which led to both units routing. The game finished with an archery duel between the longbowmen which the Yorkists lost. Thanks to Rick for a fun game.

Yorkists cross the bridge

Yorkist men-at-arms attack Lancastrian longbowmen

Lancastrian billmen and longbowmen are battered and retreating

Yorkists become battered and retreat

Yorkists lose the archery duel