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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Aventine Republican Roman Cavalry and Little Wars Canberra 2017

Here are a few photos of some Aventine Republican Roman cavalry that I've just finished painting. The shield transfers are by LBM. These figures will be part of our participation game of Command and Colors Ancients at the Little Wars Canberra Event on Sunday 12 November 2017 at the Vikings Club in Lanyon. Our game will be the Battle of Cannae 216 BC.

So if you feel like being Hannibal come along and join in! Depending on the level of interest we will try and run two games, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with up to three players a side. The scenario and the rules can be found on the GMT Games' Command and Colors site. Entry is by gold coin donation with all profits going to charity. A full list of all the participation games can be found at the bottom of the post.

Here are details of the participation games at Little Wars Canberra in 2017:

Game Name: Strife in Zumbanda
Game System: Fistful of TOWs
Game Description
6mm Modern warfare in the African Imagi-Nation of Zumbanda. Government forces battle militias, insurgents and rebels. Western forces intervene to stop the unrest spreading beyond Zumbanda's borders.

Game Name: Shattered Lances at Knechtsberg
Game System: TBD
Game Description
Hooves thunder, lances shatter, and armour will be dented. Welcome to the exciting world of the premium sport of the medieval era – the world of the knightly tournament.
Lead your knights through a three day tournament featuring jousts, a foot melee, and then face off against the kings champion. Can you survive to be declared the greatest knight in the Kingdom?

Game Name: Wakey, Wakey, Rise and Shine: Wake Island, 23 Dec. 1941
Game System: (Simultaneous) Battlefront
Game Description Can you defeat the Japanese landing force or will history be repeated. 

Game Name: Stalingrad
Game System: Home Rules "Fire & Movement"
Game Description
Skirmish game using 54mm figures on 6 foot by 4 foot terrain.
Demonstrating that wargaming with figures can be cheaply achieved with plastic figures and home- made card buildings and still represents an enjoyable and interesting game especially for younger players.

Game Name: Battles of the Normans
Game System: Osprey's Lion Rampant (LR)
Game Description
The Normans were descendants of the Norsemen (or North Men/Vikings) who invaded and settled in the part of northern France called Normandy. Famously, the Normans invaded England in 1066 under the leadership of Duke William and defeated the Anglo-Saxon King Harold at the Battle of Hastings, resulting in the Norman occupation of England. However, the Normans invaded other countries, as well, including Ireland, Sicily and the Holy Land. Skirmish actions in these latter settings will be covered by the LR scenarios to be presented at Little Wars 2017. The actions will employ 28mm war game figures and will be quite varied in type. The rules emphasise the chaotic nature of early mediaeval combat and the critical importance of high quality leadership. 

Game Name: Pirates near the Caribbean
Game System: Blood and Plunder
Game Description
Blood & Plunder features an innovative initiative system with simple and intuitive rules. This fast paced, skirmish game is set in the 17th Century Caribbean during the golden age of piracy. The rules can be used to play out battles on land, sea or both simultaneously.
Blood & Plunder was also produced with consultation from historian and author Bennerson Little to ensure that all models, scenarios and strategies accurately reflect the period.

Game Name: Battle of Cannae 216 BC
Game System: Command and Colors Ancients
Game Description
Command and Colours Ancients is a popular hex based board game, designed by Richard Borg, which allows players to fight the classic battles of the ancient world. While it can be played as a board game it has greater visual appeal when played with miniatures. The game mechanics although simple, require strategic card play, historical tactics, timely dice rolling and an aggressive yet flexible battle plan, to achieve victory. 
The Battle of Cannae, fought on 2 August 216 BC, was one of the worst defeats in Roman history. Hannibal with an army of about 50,000 inflicted a crushing defeat on a much larger Roman army of about 86,000. Can you change history?

Game Name: U-Boat Railway Station Board
Game System: Bolt Action
Game Description
The Demogamers invite you to join in an amazing game of Bolt Action. We have developed a board and a variety of armies so everyone can play a great game of World War II whether a short game or longer. Play as one of a variety of national forces and everything is supplied. If you have ever wondered about World War II gaming or Bolt Action jump in and join is for our Bolt Action Boot Camp.

Game Name: Assault on La Haye Sainte
Game System: SHARP PRACTICE Version 2
Game Description
In this game you will command the French attackers, the 13th Legere or the defenders, a mix of men from the King's German Legion (1st and 2nd Light Infantry Battalion and 5th Line Battalion) and Nassau Light infantry.
Both sides can expect support from other troops in their vicinity in the form of additional Infantry or even Cavalry, Engineers and Artillery throughout the day!
Players must aid in achieving overall victory for their side AND achieve personal goals which might include settling ‘an old debt or carrying off the pretty milk maid! 

Game Name: Only you can stop the Rad Zombies
Game System: This is Not a Test (post-Apocalypse skirmish rules)
Game Description
New Hope was one of the most successful settlements in the wasteland, what was left of the Earth after the Great Atomic War. Success brings its own perils and when New Hope attracted the attention of a local warlord things started to get rough. What no-one could predict was that in the fighting the mineshafts under the areas would be exposed and, over the century since the missiles flew, the folk who sought shelter inside and their descendants have mutated into ravenous radioactive zombies. 

You and your closest friends have volunteered to hold off the glowing cannibal horde while the citizens of New Hope evacuate. The longer you fight your rearguard the more successful your mission. Can you hold off the rad zombies long enough for the good folk of New Hope to escape without ending up on the menu.
Each session is anticipated to take approximately an hour to play. This game will pit players against increasing hordes of rad zombies. Players must hold off the zombies for as long as possible before escaping the table. The This is Not a Test rules are an straightforward and fun set of post-apocalyptic skirmish rules which offer interesting gameplay and challenging decisions.

Game Name: American Civil War
Game System: Home grown
Game Description
Fight the American Civil War using simple rules using 54mm Figures.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

First Game of Sharp Practice

Confederate force left, Union force right

Union troops left of the road haven't deployed at this point

Confederate firing line

Union force is finally fully deployed

Casualties and shock mount for both sides

Last Sunday afternoon, Craig came over to my place with his lovely Perry American Civil War troops, and we played our first game of Sharp Practice. We used the early 1861-62 Union and Confederate lists with similar infantry forces of 55 points and three leaders a side. The scenario was an encounter and Craig had the Union forces while I had the Confederates who managed to deploy fairly quickly on the table.

The Union forces eventually fully deployed on the table and proceeded to hammer the main Confederate formation in a firefight. In the end we ran out of time but the Confederates were close to rout and had lost two groups and a leader with heavy shock and casualties on the remaining formation. While I'm sure we got lots of things wrong in our first game, as we bumbled our way the rules, we both enjoyed it and hope to try a late Penisular War game soon. Thanks to Craig for a fun game.

Main Confederate formation retreats

Firefight continues

Casualties and shock continue to mount

Confederates are close to rout

Thursday, 28 September 2017

First Crusade Lion Rampant Game

View of the table - Seljuks L, Crusaders R

Crusader Serjeants in the village

Crusaders advance

Seljuk Mounted Yeoman advance 

Seljuk Mounted Sergeants

Seljuk Mounted Sergeants

Last Wednesday night Craig and I played a First Crusade Lion Rampant game down at the club. The scenario was Sausages with Mustard. The objective for the Seljuk attackers was a village in the centre of the table defended by a unit of Crusader Serjeants. The remaining Crusader force was deployed on the far table edge. This turn out to be a very one sided game as the Seljuks had unbelievably bad dice the whole game. Still it was good to get the figures out and play a First Crusade game.

Both sides converge on the village

Seljuk horse archers are caught and destroyed

Crusaders launch Wild Charges

Seljuk Mounted Serjeants retreat

Seljuks struggle to hold the Crusaders

Only Seljuk Archers and Bidowers remain

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Norman Milites

Here are a few photos of some Norman Milites that I've just finished painting. The figures are from the plastic Norman Cavalry set by Conquest Games with two Crusader figures to make up the numbers. Shield transfers are by Battle Flag on the Conquest Games figures and LBM on the Crusader figures and the banners are also by LBM. We have a First Crusade Lion Rampant game lined up tomorrow night down at the club, so they will see action then.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Nikephorian Byzantine Skoutatoi

Here are some Nikephorian Byzantine Skoutatoi or Kontarioi with rear ranks of archers (toxotai). The figures are by Gripping Beast with LBM shield transfers and standard (which I need to touch up!). I have a mix of GB and Crusader figures for this army but Fireforge Games are just about to release a plastic and resin Byzantine range which will be tempting.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Goths versus Late Romans - Dux Bellorum Game

Goths deployed behind their wagon laager

Late Romans deployed

Late Roman cavalry advances on the Roman right flank

Romans charge and the Goths countercharge their flank

Roman cavalry advances on their left flank

Roman infantry are reluctant to advance!

Roman cavalry are forced to retreat

Roman infantry finally advance in the centre

Last Sunday afternoon I went over to Craig's place to play a Goth versus Late Roman Dux Bellorum game. Craig had devised a small, two player scenario based on the Battle of Adrianople 378 AD and was keen to try it out. The Goth infantry were deployed behind a wagon laager and their cavalry were out foraging and would arrive on the table from turn two on a roll of six, turn three on a roll of five and so on and so forth. The Roman cavalry quickly charged the Goth infantry but were driven back. The Goth and Alan cavalry eventually arrived on the table on turn five and this was the beginning of end for the Romans.

The game was heaps of fun and quite satisfying, very much the historical result. It could easily have gone the other way, the Romans did have a lot of bad luck with their dice. Quite a few years ago, we played a much larger WAB game of Adrianople and this resulted in an unlikely Roman victory. The Goth cavalry only came on after the game was all over! I'm currently reading Simon MacDowall's new Pen and Sword book, The Goths and really enjoyed his earlier one The Vandals.

Roman cavalry on the Roman left flank closes

Roman cavalry charge the Goth warriors

Goth and Alan cavalry charge the Roman right flank

Side view of the battle

Romans struggle to contain the Goths

Goth and Alan cavalry charge the Roman left flank

Romans are teetering on the edge of disaster

Roman army routs

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Battle of Akragas 406 BC - Command and Colors Ancients

Initial deployment from the Carthaginian side

Initial deployment from the Syracusan side

Syracusan light troops advance

Carthaginians probe the Syracusan right flank

Syracusan light cavalry attack Carthaginian chariots

Last Wednesday night Rick and I met down at the Vikings Club in Lanyon for a game of Command and Colors Ancients. The scenario was the Battle of Akragas 406 BC with Syracusans versus Carthaginians. This proved to be a quick but quite close game with Syracusans, eventually emerging victorious in a five to four victory points result. Thanks to Rick for another fun game.

We are a running another participation game of Command and Colors Ancients at the Little Wars Canberra event on Sunday 12 November 2017 at the Vikings Club in Lanyon. Our game will be the Battle of Cannae 216 BC. So if you feel like being Hannibal come along and join it. Depending on the level of interest we will try and run two games, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with up to three players a side. The scenario and rules can be found on the GMT Games' Command and Colors site.

There was no Little Wars in Melbourne or Adelaide this year so please support the Canberra event. Entry is by gold coin donation with all profits going to charity. There will be a wide range of eleven participation games and quite a few traders as well. It is always a fun and entertaining day out! Updated information on the participation games being held is now on this thread on The Miniatures Page forum:

Little Wars Canberra 2017

Carthaginians play a line command card

Syracusans attack on their right flank

Syracusans retreat in the centre and on their left flank

Carthaginians' final unit is destroyed